• COMBAR Africa

    The COMBAR Africa Committee is an initiative to develop and foster improved working relationships and promote common professional development between members of the English Commercial Bar and their counterpart practitioners and academic lawyers in (and interested in) Africa. COMBAR Africa committee members include:

    Glen Davis QC (Chairman)
    Philip Aliker
    Roderick Cordara QC
    Graham Cunningham
    James Evans
    Monica Feria-Tinta
    Emilie Gonin
    Lawrence Jacobson
    Paul Key QC
    Richard Millett QC
    Fidelis Oditah QC
    Andrew Onslow QC
    David Simpson
    Michael Sullivan QC

    Honorary Overseas Members

    Aron Ambia (Kenya)
    Ajibola Dalley (Nigeria)
    Edward Fashole-Luke II (Botswana)
    Johann Gautschi SC (South Africa)
    Ali Khalil (Sudan)