At the end of March 2020, COMBAR made enquiries of member sets as to any issues arising in respect of remote hearings. As a result, at the beginning of April 2020, COMBAR liaised with the Commercial Court to bring to the Judges’ attention concerns that were being expressed about (a) the clarity of the guidance in the Protocol on Remote Hearings, (b) the effect of remote hearings on those required to self-isolate and/or with caring responsibilities and (c) issues arising with technology.

Shortly afterwards, COMBAR formed a working group on remote hearings that published a detailed guidance note for remote hearings on 12 May 2020, including a specimen PTR checklist in respect of trials that were proposed for remote hearing. That guidance note was revised and updated on 23 June 2020. COMBAR’s guidance note is available on its website, which has a page dedicated to Covid-19 matters.