How to apply to join COMBAR

Any practising barrister, whether employed or self-employed, who is regulated by the Bar Council and the BSB, and who pays subscription fees to the General Council of the Bar of England and Wales, and a substantial portion of whose work is in the commercial field, is eligible for individual membership for any period during which he or she is a subscribing member of the General Council of the Bar of England and Wales. They may apply to the Secretary for membership, and shall become an Individual Member upon acceptance of such application and payment of the annual subscription.

Any other barrister active in the commercial field, or any former barrister, and any individual who has been invited by the Chair in consultation with the Executive Committee to become an Associate Member, may become an Associate Member upon payment of the annual subscription.

Members (including Associate Members) who are not self-employed recognise that COMBAR may from time to time undertake activities of exclusive relevance to self-employed barristers practising in commercial law.

Honorary Overseas Membership of COMBAR is offered on a selective basis to lawyers who are practising in the commercial field overseas and are invited by the Chair after consultation with the Vice- Chair and the Chair of the International Committee to become an Honorary Overseas Member for a period of four years.

Honorary Overseas Members will usually be practitioners who have been practising for more than ten years, specialising in commercial litigation or arbitration, well-established and with a good reputation in their jurisdiction.

At the end of this four-year period such member may be invited by the Chair after consultation with the Executive and the International Committee to continue as an Honorary Overseas Member for a further period.

We do not offer pupil or student membership.

To apply for to join COMBAR, please send your CV and a short covering letter, by post or by email for consideration by the Sub-Committee. A decision may take several weeks or even months and your patience is appreciated. Individual membership of COMBAR is currently £205. A reduced rate of £184.50 per barrister is charged if a set of chambers has 10 or more barristers who are COMBAR members.

All applications for membership should be sent or emailed to Veronica Kendall, Administrator or Alison Tighe, Co-administrator to the contact address on the right.