• COMBAR Asia Committee

    The COMBAR Asia Committee is an initiative to develop and foster improved working relationships and promote common professional development between members of the English Commercial Bar and their counterpart practitioners and academic lawyers in (and interested in) Asia. The committee is headed up by David Joseph QC and Charles Béar QC.

    Following the success of last two years' events in Mumbai and Delhi which was attended by 50 Indian and 25 UK members, we are planning a third Roundtable conference. 

    We confidently expect that attendance from the Indian side will be even higher than last year having already secured a high number of expressions of interest, and very much hope to increase our UK participation as well.

    We hope also to have participation from senior judiciary from India and UK which will also be a big draw. 

    With best wishes

    Charles Béar QC
    David Joseph QC
    Joint Chairs, COMBAR Asia Committee