Save the Date – North American Meeting, Florence- postponed until 2-4 June 2021

COMBAR has reached an agreement with the conference hotel, the 5* Westin Excelsior Florence, to postpone the meeting until next year. The “comparable” dates next year, on which we have settled, are Wednesday, 2nd June – Friday, 4th June 2021.

For those who registered for the Meeting in May this year

We shall be in touch soon with details of what you need to do to “roll over” your booking to next year (if you wish to) or to cancel your booking (if you know now that you will not be able to or will not wish to attend next year). For the time being, we recommend that you do NOT cancel your hotel booking (either by ringing their main reservations number or on the website). As you may or may not recall, all bookings made through the COMBAR booking link (and hence on the special rate that was negotiated) are subject to cancellation terms which provide for payment of a 1-night non-refundable deposit for any cancellation up to 30 days before the booking and payment of the full amount for any cancellation 29 days or fewer before the event. So simply cancelling through the main reservations line or online will automatically trigger those provisions.

We will be in touch again shortly once we know what method members should use to roll over or cancel their bookings so as not to trigger that fee.

For those interested in attending the Meeting next year

Registration forms and information about the Meeting to be held from Wednesday 2 – Friday 4 June 2021 will be circulated in due course. For now, please put these dates in your diary.

Fionn Pilbrow QC
Chair, North American Committee