Combar’s officers and committees

Combar operates through its Officers and the members of its Executive Committee.

Its Officers and Executive Committee members are members of Combar who serve voluntarily after being appointed in Combar’s Annual General Meeting.

Combar’s present Officers and Executive Committee members are as follows:


Chair: Sonia Tolaney QC (One Essex Court)
Vice-Chair/Treasurer: David Joseph QC (Essex Court Chambers)
Secretary: Alex Gunning QC (One Essex Court)
Chair, International Committee: Henry King QC (Fountain Court Chambers)
Consultation Chair: Andrew George QC (Blackstone Chambers)

Executive Committee members

Natasha Bennett (Fountain Court Chambers)
David E. Grant (Outer Temple Chambers)
Anne Jeavons (3VB)
Emma Jones (One Essex Court)
Adam Kramer (3VB)
James Leabeater QC (4 Pump Court)
David Mumford QC (Maitland Chambers)
Fionn Pilbrow QC (Brick Court Chambers)
Michael Ryan (7 KBW)
George Spalton (4 New Square)
Charlotte Tan (Brick Court Chambers)
Emily Wood (Essex Court Chambers)
Kira King (XXIV Old Buildings, represents Junior Combar)
James MacDonald (One Essex Court, Communications Chair)


Combar also operates a number of sub-committees who have responsibility for particular aspects of Combar’s activities and operations. The following are presently Chairs of these committees:

Africa Committee: Glen Davis QC, South Square

Communications Committee: James MacDonald, One Essex Court

Equality and Diversity Committee: Ruth Hosking, Quadrant Chambers

India and Asia Committee: Charles Béar QC, Fountain Court Chambers and David Joseph QC, Essex Court Chambers (Joint Chairs)

Junior Combar: Kira King, XXIV Old Buildings

North America Committee: Fionn Pilbrow QC, Brick Court Chambers

Offshore Committee: Nikki Singla QC, Wilberforce Chambers