Combar’s officers and committees

Combar operates through its Officers and the members of its Executive Committee.

Its Officers and Executive Committee members are members of Combar who serve voluntarily after being appointed in Combar’s Annual General Meeting.

Combar’s present Officers and Executive Committee members are as follows:


Chair: Alex Gunning KC (One Essex Court)
Vice-Chair/Treasurer: Henry King KC (Fountain Court Chambers)
Secretary: Philippa Hopkins KC (Essex Court Chambers)
Chair, International Committee: Anneliese Day KC
Consultation Chair: Fionn Pilbrow KC (Brick Court Chambers)

Executive Committee members

Chloë Bell (3 VB)
Anna Boase KC (One Essex Court)
Andrew Fulton KC (Twenty Essex)
Thomas Munby KC (Maitland Chambers)
Laura Newton (Brick Court Chambers)
Georgina Peters (South Square)
Alex Potts KC (4 Pump Court)
Jeremy Richmond KC (Quadrant Chambers)
Michael Ryan (7 KBW)
George Spalton KC (4 New Square Chambers)
James Willan KC (Essex Court Chambers)
Victoria Windle KC (Blackstone Chambers)

Combar Chambers’ Committee Representatives

Matthew Abraham (South Square)
Emily Betts (Gatehouse Chambers)
Clive Blackwood (Lamb Chambers)
Veronique Buehrlen KC (Keating Chambers)
Edward Cumming KC (XXIV Old Buildings)
Peter Dodge (Radcliffe Chambers)
Anton Dudnikov (Essex Court Chambers)
Andrew Feld (Twenty Essex)
Harry Gillow  (Monckton Chambers)
Orlando Gledhill KC (One Essex Court)
Hannah Glover (3 VB)
Ben Griffiths (Erskine Chambers)
Richard Harrison (Devereux Chambers)
Simon Hattan (Serle Court)
Richard Hill KC (4 Stone Buildings)
Michael Holmes (7 KBW)
Ben John (Maitland Chambers)
Simon Johnson (Enterprise Chambers)
Jennifer Jones (Atkin Chambers)
Chirag Karia KC (Quadrant Chambers)
Timothy Killen (2 Temple Gardens)
Luka Krsljanin (Blackstone Chambers)
Roger Laville (Five Paper)
David Lascelles (Littleton Chambers)
Kate Livesey (4 Pump Court)
David Lord KC (Three Stone)
Shail Patel (4 New Square)
Georgina Petrova (Brick Court Chambers)
Rosalind Phelps KC (Fountain Court Chambers)
Richard Samuel (3 Hare Court)
Daniel Shapiro KC (Crown Office Chambers)
Justina Stewart (Outer Temple Chambers)
Daniel Stilitz KC (11 KBW)
Karishma Vora (39 Essex Chambers)
Sarah Walker (Selborne Chambers)
John Wardell KC (Wilberforce Chambers)
Henry Warwick KC (Henderson Chambers)
Hermione Williams (New Square Chambers)
Emile Yusupoff (The 36 Group)

Individual Members’ Representatives

Nicholas Gibson (Matrix Chambers)
Shobana Iyer (Swan Chambers)
Duncan Macpherson  (1EC Barristers)


Combar also operates a number of sub-committees who have responsibility for particular aspects of Combar’s activities and operations. The following are presently Chairs of these committees – the positions will be updated after the September Executive meeting:

Advocacy Committee Co Chairs: Rupert Allen and Nehali Shah

Africa Committee Co Chairs: Andrew Onslow KC, Abdul-Lateef Jinadu

Consultation, Policy and Reform Committee  Co Chairs: Andy George KC, George Spalton KC; Penelope Nevill and Chris Bond

Continuing Education Programme Co Chairs: Philippa Hopkins KC and Michael Ryan

Gulf Committee Chair: George Spalton KC

Inclusivity, Equality and Diversity  Co Chairs: Sid Dhar KC and Niamh Cleary

India and Asia Committee Co Chairs: Sudhanshu Swaroop KC and David Brynmor Thomas KC

Junior Combar  Chair: Owen Lloyd, Vice Chair Emma Hynes

North America  Co Chairs: Anneliese Day KC and James Willan KC

Offshore Committee Co Chairs: Rosalind Nicholson, Georgina Peters, Alex Potts KC

Pro Bono Initiatives Co Chairs: Andrew Fulton KC and Alice Carse

Student Mentoring Committee

Chair: Alexander Wright KC (4 Pump Court)
Sarah Abram KC (Brick Court Chambers)
Adam Baradon (Blackstone)
Emily Betts (Gatehouse)
Lucy Colter (Four New Square)
Stephen Du (7KBW)
Philippa Hopkins KC
Adam Kramer KC
Ben Lask (Monckton)
Angharad Parry (Twenty Essex)
Leonora Sagan (Fountain Court)
Nick Sloboda (One Essex Court)
James Thompson (Keating)
Ben Woolgar (Brick Court)

Wellness and Mentoring Committee Co Chairs:  Thomas Munby KC, Chloë Bell and Oliver Caplin