Young Barristers’ Committees’ International Grant Programme 

Applications are closed until further notice due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
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Combar supports the Bar Council’s Young Barristers’ Committees’ International Grant Programme. This is a programme that supports junior barristers (of 7 years’ practice or less), who are in employed or self-employed practice, to participate in international events or conferences of their choice by providing them with financial support. Candidates can make only one application for the grant each year.

IMPORTANT: Combar Application Criteria

Applicants must have been a Combar member for at least 18 months including pupillage before they can apply for the grant. Successful applicants are asked to write a report about the international event for which they received funding and to attend at least one university law fair on behalf of Combar later in the year.

Although in principle the Bar Council may be prepared to make International Grants available for conferences taking place in the UK (as its Guidance says), Combar’s approach to the exercise of its discretion whether to make a contribution towards an International Grant is that we will not normally do so where the conference is due to take place in a location that does not involve any long distance travel or an overnight stay. Generally, successful applicants will receive grants from Combar of no more than £650.

Please click here to visit the Bar Council website for further details.

Examples of previous reports by previous beneficiaries of the grant can be made available on request to the Combar Administrator (