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    Fionn Pilbrow QC (Brick Court Chambers) - Chair
    Emily Wood (Essex Court Chambers)


  • COMBAR North American Meeting 2019 - New Orleans 30 - 31 May 2019

    COMBAR’s 30th North American Meeting took place last week in the wonderful setting of New Orleans. COMBAR Members from England were joined by Honorary Overseas Members from USA, Canada, Mexico, Cayman, Bermuda, BVI & Spain. We were honoured to have as participants the Hon. Mr Justice Teare (Judge in charge of the Commercial Court in London), Chief Judge Carl E. Stewart (Chief United States Circuit Judge of the US Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit) and to be welcomed by Judy Perry Martinez (President-Elect of the American Bar Association). A superb programme of panel sessions dealt with "Recent developments in commercial litigation", "Interlocutory relief", "Cross-border proceedings" & "Unusual things which can arise in commercial litigation", followed by talks from Prof. Martin Conway on “Memory and the law" and Dr Douglas Green on "Witness credibility", ahead of an entertaining and high quality debate on the motion "Cross-examination of factual witnesses merits its central place in the trial process in commercial cases". Thanks to Henry King QC, Alice Carse, Alison Tighe & Veronica Kendall for making it all happen.

    See photos of the event here

    See full Programme here

    See List of Attendees here


    COMBAR North American Meeting 2019

    SESSION 1: Recent developments in commercial litigation

    Yahonnes Cleary
    Michael d’Arcy - PowerPoint
    William Peterson
    Jeremy Richmond - PowerPoint

    SESSION 2: Interlocutory Relief

    Peter Banks - PowerPoint and presentation
    Michael Brindle QC
    Jan Golaszewski - presentation
    David Grant - presentation

    SESSION 3: Cross-border proceedings

    Peter Koski
    Adam Kramer - PowerPoint
    Alex Potts QC - presentation and Powerpoint
    Daniel Rubens - PowerPoint

    SESSION 4: Unusual things which can arise in commercial litigation

    Megan Wold
    James Willan
    James Purchas - presentation and PowerPoint
    Geoff Hall

    Debate: This house believes that cross-examination of factual witnesses merits its central place in the trial process in commercial cases

    1. Professor Martin Conway (City University, London) on “Memory and the Law” - presentation
    2. Dr Douglas Green (Douglas Green Associates, Inc, Covington) on witness credibility

    Proposing the motion:
    F. Paul Morrison
    Steven Molo
    Joe Smouha QC

    Opposing the motion:

    Charles Béar QC
    Georgina Peters
    Nicole Sullivan


    COMBAR North American Meeting 2018

    The Meeting took  place tin Vienna, Austria, from 31 May to 1 June 2018.

    We were delighted that the Judge in Charge of the Commercial Court, Mr Justice Popplewell, and his wife Dr Debra Lomas attended as COMBAR’s guests.

    Discussions are underway about the destination for the North American Meeting 2019.

    See full Programme here

    See List of Attendees here

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    Session 1 - What is the point? Challenges  in commercial litigation

    Alex Gunning QC paper

    Session 2 - Arbitration

    Josephine Davies paper

    Balz Gross presentation

    Andrew Scott paper

    Session 3 - Recent developments in banking disputes

    Nik Yeo papers

    Session 4 - Damages

    Stephen D Susman paper

    and PowerPoint

    Ishan Bhabha paper

    Anne Jeavons presentation

    Craig Orr QC One Step

    Debate: This House would outlaw litigation funding

    Opposing the motion paper

    Bianca Venaka received funding through the Bar Council International Fund Programme, which COMBAR supports, to attend the Meeting in Vienna.  Please click here to read her account of the event.


    Henry King QC
    Chair, North American Committee

    Alice Carse
    Executive Committee Member