• Why choose COMBAR lawyers

    COMBAR members form a cadre of international commercial lawyers with an unrivalled depth of experience. Companies with disputes regarding business critical commercial agreements, issues or transactions want to know they can turn to the best legal minds with the most relevant, specialist expertise to safeguard their interests and provide reliable, efficient advice and representation. 

    Many of our members are instructed to advise on high value complex commercial contracts even in circumstances where the parties involved, or the underlying commercial agreement, have no connection with the UK.  In fact, over 80% of claims issued in the Commercial Court in London involve overseas parties and in around half the cases the parties concerned have no link to the UK other than their choice of London for dispute resolution.

  • "London provides a pool of international talent in advocacy and on the bench"
  • International businesses and individuals litigating commercial disputes are attracted to London as a forum because of:

    • The certainty and efficiency of its long-established and well-regarded legal system
    • The experience, probity and unyielding integrity of its judiciary.
    • The high levels of experience, financial literacy and acumen of the commercial lawyers and Queen’s Counsel.
    • The clarity and sophistication of English law in dealing with complex and high value commercial disputes.
    • London’s position as a leading global financial and commercial hub, with first rate infrastructure and an ability to service the needs of parties needing top level commercial litigation.
    • A state of the art Commercial Court, the Rolls Building, which opened in 2011.
    • The excellence of the international arbitration (and other dispute resolution) centres based in London.

    COMBAR members represent commercial entities working both alongside law firms and acting directly for companies’ in-house lawyers. In appropriate cases, COMBAR encourages barristers to accept direct instructions from overseas lawyers and other professional advisers. Although barristers are not obliged to accept instructions, except from English solicitors in domestic cases, the barristers listed online in COMBAR Members on this website welcome direct approaches in appropriate circumstances. 

    Should you wish to enquire further about the work of a particular set of chambers or barrister, either generally or with a view to sending instructions, it is best to contact the Practice Manager or Clerk of the individual chambers concerned or the barrister himself. Most chambers operate a service whereby the Practice Manager or Clerk can be contacted 24 hours a day and at weekends. Details of each chambers' arrangements appear on their websites which can be reached via COMBAR Members. The Managers or Clerks will explain the basis on which fees will be charged.