• Why choose a career at the Commercial Bar?

    A career at the Commercial Bar is challenging and intellectually stimulating, as well as potentially well-remunerated.

    If you are a student or graduate with:

    • a high level of intellectual ability;
    • an ability to be articulate and persuasive in written and spoken English;
    • an ability to think and communicate clearly under pressure;
    • determination, stamina and a strong work ethic;

    then a career at the Commercial Bar should be high up your list of potential careers.

    Our careers brochure provides a detailed insight into becoming a commercial barrister and highlights the key benefits including:

    • The opportunity to be a specialist advocate, dealing with complex problems across a variety of commercial situations, cross-examining witnesses and using your intellect, skill and powers of persuasion.
    • Independence and a sense of control over when and in what circumstances you work.  
    • Travel to centres of international finance and business such as Hong Kong, New York, Dubai, Singapore and offshore jurisdictions.
    • Pro-bono work for those in need of assistance but without the necessary funds.  
    • Financial rewards

    COMBAR does not itself recruit future barristers, but its many member sets of chambers each offer a number of pupillages (the professional stage of training required to become a barrister). Their websites can be consulted, or you can see the careers brochure for more details.