Message from the Commercial Court – Russian Aircraft Claims

A number of actions have been begun in the Commercial Court involving claims on insurance policies brought by lessors of aircraft (and/or aircraft equipment, such as engines) in respect of the alleged loss of assets leased to Russian airlines since the Russian invasion of Ukraine earlier this year.  A CMC in one such action has been fixed for March 2023. It appears likely that other such actions may soon be, but have not yet been, commenced. Mr Justice Butcher is the assigned judge for these cases.  The court wishes to understand the potential number of actions which may be involved; what, in broad terms, may be the issues; and whether there are any case management steps which should be taken in the light of the answers to those questions.  To that end, the court would be grateful if any persons or entities who are interested in participating in this process should make themselves, and the nature of their interest, known to the Commercial Court ( by 16 December 2022.