The Specialist Commercial Bar & Black Inclusion – First Steps

This report, “The Specialist Commercial Bar & Black Inclusion – First Steps”, was commissioned by the three SBAs (COMBAR, ChBA and Tecbar). It is authored by the Black Inclusion Group (“BIG”) Committee, a sub-committee of five practicing barristers who are members of the SBAs and to whom we are immensely grateful.

The work follows, and adds to, the important work of the Bar Council’s Race Working Group in its report dated November 2021. We have encouraged all our member sets of chambers to consider carefully what is set out in this Report alongside their existing programmes.  We will ourselves continue to develop and put in effect practical initiatives which fall within the remit of the work of the SBAs and which we believe will be of material benefit.

Once more we thank the BIG Committee and everyone who contributed to this Report.  We look forward together with each of our member sets to making real progress in this area.