• COMBAR Committees

    Executive Committee Members 2016/2017

    The following officers and Ex/Co were appointed at the recent AGM for the coming year:

    Chair: Laurence Rabinowitz QC
    Vice Chair/Treasurer: Andrew Spink QC
    Secretary: Sonia Tolaney QC

    Charles Béar QC
    Anna Boase
    Alice Carse
    Josephine Davies
    Andrew George QC
    Alexander Gunning QC
    David Joseph QC
    Daniel Jowell QC
    Henry King
    Leona Powell
    Daniel Saoul
    Alexander Wright
    Samuel Ritchie sits on the Executive representing Young COMBAR.

    Chambers' Committee Representatives 

    The Chambers' Committee Representatives meet quarterly and joins the Executive Committee for meetings in March, June (the AGM), October and December. All meetings are held at One Essex Court at 5.30pm unless otherwise stated.

    Equality and Diversity Committee 

    COMBAR sets want to recruit the very best people, irrespective of gender, ethnicity or background. To this end, COMBAR set up the COMBAR E&D committee in 2005 to promote equality and diversity and to ensure COMBAR members keep up to date with the latest regulatory requirements. The full extract of the BSB Handbook relating to E&D can be seen here.

    Junior COMBAR 

    The Junior COMBAR Committee deals with issues of interest and importance to junior commercial barristers. The Committee arranges social and marketing events, recruitment events, and lectures. It seeks to create and foster strong relationships amongst junior practitioners, both barristers and solicitors.